NDC Resort & Spa, is the pioneer of diving centre in Manado. First established in 1975 by the founder of Bunaken, the late Mr. Loky Herlambang, its concentration was in providing diving facility and activity to the guests. During the long journey, it has been delivering the best experience; that lead its guests to be closer to the underwater nature.

Without completely changing its name, NDC Resort & Spa has been actively re-imaging and re-branding since June 2011. Under different ownership and management, deciding to shift its image brand. From being well-known as the best diving operator in Manado, it now promotes its four core products; that are accommodation, diving centre, gathering facility and spa. 

NDC Resort & Spa proudly aims to be the place when you are longing to embrace and be cradled by the nature.

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NDC Resort & Spa


E-mail: info@ndcresort.com
Phone: +62 81 333 5 888 95


Molas Beach,
Bunaken Subdistrict Manado 95242,
North Sulawesi - Indonesia

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